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The Process

“The Process” is an interactive development blog made using Twine to demonstrate the process behind the Conception and Making of Exist.

Chapter One: The Conception


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The first part of The Process describes how the idea of Exist came to be and describes the trials an average game developer faces — be it maintaining the precarious balance between your social life and ambition, the guilt loop, the creative blocks and exploring the concept of a game in an experiential way.

The Process is a parallel-narrative which covers three different streams of thoughts, namely:

  • the Real (where the actual development process is described)
  • the Sub-Conscious(which speaks largely of thoughts that led to the evolution of the game) and
  • the Dream (which adopts a metaphorical parable to convey the journey).

The first part of this development blog will take about 20 minutes to read and we hope you enjoy reading about vague passages and pretentious metaphors (it’s our Achilles Heel) that describe the journey of our development so far.

Since, the development process is far from complete, this interactive development blog will be updated every other month describing the creative and technical challenges we face.


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